Celebrating New Hampshire Excellence in Education

It is the purpose of the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Program to recognize New Hampshire schools and individuals who meet high standards of excellence. The criteria used in selecting outstanding individuals to be honored are determined by their sponsoring organizations.

The awards for the outstanding elementary, middle, K-8, and high schools are determined by criteria developed by the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Board of Directors and applied by selection committees composed of experienced New Hampshire educators and community leaders. The committees study school applications and assess schools through on-site visitations. Only one school at each of the four levels may be recognized each year, although no schools may be recognized if there are not applicants of sufficient merit. The selection committees determine if schools deserve recognition as schools of excellence, and the winners are announced at the annual New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Celebration.

For years, exemplary New Hampshire educators were recognized, but there was no event that brought everyone together under one roof. That all changed in 1992 when a group of like-minded “movers and shakers” met in the Merrimack Valley High School library to plan an awards ceremony to rival the Academy Awards. Jane, Peggy, and Fred were there that first day.


Bethlehem Elementary School

Warren Village School

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