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EDies Awards Celebration Announcement

2012 recipients
2013 recipients

The 2012 and 2013 "ED"ies recipients were recognized at the Wall of Fame Ceremony at the
NH Department of Education.

20th Awards Ceremony

(pictured from left to right: Jane Lacasse, Coordinator/Advisor, Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies; Virginia M. Barry, Ph. D., Commissioner of Education; Peggy McAllister, Executive Director, NH Association of School Principals and Fred Bramante)

For years, exemplary New Hampshire educators were recognized, but there was no event that brought everyone together under one roof. That all changed in 1992 when a group of like-minded "movers and shakers" met in the Merrimack Valley High School library to plan an awards ceremony to rival the Academy Awards. Jane, Peggy, and Fred were there that first day; twenty years later, they are still giving their time and talents to the "ED"ies.

Click here to read the 2013 newspaper article on the award ceremony included in The Union Leader.

2013 Schools of Excellence

Seabrook Middle School
Middle School of Excellence

As US Education Secretary Arne Duncan has said, "Great schools don't happen by chance. Great schools happen by design." Seabrook Middle School's focus on academics, behavior and character is the foundation of our success. This award is the culmination of a number of years of hard work. On a daily basis our staff and students strive for high aspirations and high standards of achievement. To have Seabrook Middle School chosen as the 2013 NH ED'ie Award winner is an incredible honor. -Les Shepard, Principal


Bedford High School
Secondary School of Excellence

Being a School of Excellence was affirmation that the community’s dream and vision of having its own high school was worth the many years of hard work to make it a reality. To our staff and students; the acknowledgement as a School of Excellence was evidence of how important teaching and learning is to us, and the level of commitment and pride we take in that work. - Bill Hagen, Principal

Doris Barnes Retired Educator
Lifetime Achievement Award

The "Doris Barnes Retired Educator Lifetime Achievement Award" was created to honor a retired teacher or teachers who have continued to work with youth and the betterment of public education after his/her retirement as has the person for whom it is named. Doris, was a founding member of the "ED"ies board.

Sadly Doris passed away on April 13, 2013. Born on a farm in Houlton, Maine, Barnes came to New Hampshire at the age of 18 as a teacher in Barnstead. Seven years later she was a teaching principal at Alton Elementary and then moved to other opportunities in Portland, Maine, and Rochester, before becoming a guidance counselor first at Spaulding High School and then at Laconia Middle School, from which she retired at age 80.  A resident of Laconia, Barnes tutored students for 18 more years after retiring!

A nominee must be retired after spending a minimum of 20 years as a full time educator.  It is also expected that the nominee can describe how they have stayed involved working with youth or on other vital issues related to education since retirement.

Nominee Information Sheet

Giving Back with Ronald McDonald Logo

“Giving Back with Ronald McDonald®!” is now touring New England. Your local McDonald’s® is pleased to sponsor a free performance at your school. This show is designed to inspire elementary age children (Pre-K to Fourth grade) to give back to the community and discover the magic in helping others.

This 40-minute, fun-filled, educational program uses a creative mix of music, magic, skits, audience participation and games to reinforce the value of giving back, the positive effects it has and the enjoyment that comes from it.

“Giving Back with Ronald McDonald” helps kids learn to share their talents, time and gifts. The key elements of the show are:

  • Step up and do the right thing
  • Be a hero to each other, the planet and your community
  • Positive attitudes and actions multiply
  • Stop bullying and practice empathy – mobilize peer compassion
  • Be open to opportunities to share your time, talents and gifts with friends and your community

In addition, the show reinforces the importance of working and playing together. Ultimately, Ronald McDonald delivers a powerful message to children about giving back to the community and building trust among friends.

The show has been endorsed by Dr. Michelle Borba, an internationally renowned educator, author, parenting and child behavioral expert and contributor to NBC’s Today Show who said; “I applaud McDonald's new “Giving Back with Ronald McDonald” show. Ronald McDonald- in his fun and warm way- helps our children recognize that they can become heroes in just simple ways: lending a hand, stepping up for what's right, and giving back. He helps students understand the meaning of empathy: "If you feel badly for others, and know how they feel, that’s called having empathy." And Ronald is also so right when he tells kids “that empathy is a great virtue to have.”

To schedule a performance contact Laurie Webster at Bump A Nose Productions (508) 477-2554 or email: bumpanose@comcast.net.


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